Saturday, March 19, 2016

Japanese Shopping Services: Tenso/Buyee, Tenshi Shop, Treasure Japan

Hey everyone!

I've been really busy with school that I haven't had much time to do anything else T_T But I've been drafting this post in my mind for a while now and thought I would do a review of three different shopping/forwarding services in Japan!

Most of you have probably seen reviews on these sites but I wanted to add my 2 cents in as well :)

Tenso / Buyee

Tenso is a forwarding/shipping service in Japan, and you can use their website to order from Japanese websites who do not ship internationally. Tenso gives you a forwarding address in Japan that you use like your regular address, and once your order arrives in their warehouse, they send you a notification and ship the order to you.

Buyee is the sister site of Tenso, and you can use them as a shopping service to buy items on Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo! Japan Shopping, and other Japanese online stores. They also have a Yahoo!Japan Auction service so you can bid on items on the Japanese Yahoo Auction site. 

Ease of Use: 
Very easy to use, they have a few language options (JP, ENG, CN). 
Many links work and the translations aren't terrible.
Very professional websites.
Service Fees: 
Tenso doesn't have many fees associated, but they do have a ~530JPY shipping and handling fee.
Buyee charges 5% service fees on Yahoo!JP Auctions + 150Y if you win the auction.
Buyee doesn't charge service fees on Rakuten or Yahoo!JP Shopping.
Buyee also has an optional insurance plan when you buy items through them, for 500Y they'll inspect your order when it arrives in the warehouse etc.

Shipping is very quick on Tenso&Buyee, generally within 1-2 days after your order arrives in their wairehouse. 
You usually have the option of EMS, SAL, Small Packet AIR/SEA
Typically EMS costs much less than the other options, and is much quicker.
You can also opt for consolidated shipping if you are ordering/bidding from multiple sites.
Only thing I don't like about Tenso/Buyee is that their packaging can be iffy.
Many times I've received my order in shopping bags wrapped in 10 layers of tape.
I had a hard time taking out one of my Angelic Pretty dresses from the plastic bag packaging, because it got stuck to the packing tape, somehow the packing tape also wrapped inside.
Luckily, the dress was brand new and had a dress bag protecting it.


I like using Tenso/Buyee for things that I'm comfortable ordering myself.
Or if I'm in a hurry to bid on something on Yahoo!JP auctions.
The fees on Buyee can add up quite quickly if you're bidding on a lot of items, so be careful.
I've also had hit and miss with customs tax, I had a $450CAD package shipped by Tenso and didn't have to pay customs tax, but when I had a $300 package from Buyee I was taxed $97. Both were dresses.

Even though it's a small business, Tenshi still offers auction services, shopping services for online stores and physical stores, as well as managing their own online shop. 

Ease of Use: 
Very easy to use, the website is all in English.
e-Mail communications is also done in fluent English.

Service Fees: 
Tenshi has a fee calculator on their website depending on the service.
The starting cost is 500JPY, or 5% of your item cost, whichever is greater.
This is pretty much standard pricing for shopping services so no surprise.


Depending on how busy they are, Tenshi generally takes a few days to ship out items
They do offer EMS, SAL, and Airmail.
Better packaging than Tenso/Buyee, she's also included some stickers in my orders from popular brands like AP, Swankiss etc.

Tenshi is really good to use for times when you may need an in-store shopping service. 
They are also able to answer some questions you might have about Lolita specific releases.
Similar to Buyee, the 5% service fee can add up. Although Tenshi is much smaller compared to Tenso/Buyee they still give you updates on your order.

TJ is another shopping service that offers Japanese auction services, as well as online shopping services for Japanese webshops. Another small business, run by a Japanese local.

Ease of Use: 
Very easy to use, the website is all in English.
I've never had to e-mail them with questions so I can't comment on overall fluency, 
but invoices and updates are done in relatively fluent English.
The fee structure can be a bit confusing.

Service Fees: 
The most expensive on services fees so far.
Service fees start at 700JPY, and increase by 100JPY.
Items worth 10,000JPY or more incur a 10% service fee instead of the tiered rate.


Very quick. Almost the same speed as Tenso/Buyee.
They offer EMS, SAL, Small Packet AIR/SEA.
My packages have arrived in boxes with my order wrapped in tissue paper.

Although TJ offers a variety of services, I feel like their service fees are a bit too high compared to other shopping services.
They do process things quite quickly, I remember I placed an order and they confirmed and ordered it within 2 hours of me placing it.
My package was marked as gift (and definitely looked like a gift too XD) so that was a nice surprise.

I've only used TJ once, and likely won't use them again since their service fees are much higher than the other sites, but they do reply and ship out quite quickly. Tenshi I've found to be the friendliest, they focus on quick service and they update their Facebook page quite often. Tenso/Buyee is the most convenient for me atm, since I like being able to bid/purchase right away, however their packaging often leaves me feeling disappointed considering they do charge a 530JPY shipping & handling fee on top of the shipping costs.

What are your favourite Japanese shopping services to use?

Till next time!