Thursday, May 17, 2012

This Past Week...

Eeep. I've been meaning to update but I haven't had much time lately to update let alone take any photos either =( My internet is still being retarded and frequently disconnects I rarely spend as much time on the computer now.

Anyway I thought I would update about the past week including last weekend, Terri's birthday was on May 11th and our schedules wouldn't match up, she either had work, or I had somewhere to go :( Her and another friend of mine are actually celebrating their birthdays together this Saturday but I can't go, so Rin and I to went to Terri's house the past weekend instead to celebrate.
Rin made a delicious cake for Terri based on a Pokemon since one of Terri's favourite Pokemon's is Piplup.

Terri with a Piplup plushie and the cake
The inside of the cake is Red Velvet made to look purple with blue, pink and white icing :)!

Most of the day we just spent eating okonomiyaki, cake and just watching movies on the TV.

I also needed to pick up some items from Terri that she ordered for me through YesStyle.
Sana Soy Milk Whitening Cream - $18 CAD

Sana Soy Milk Whitening Very Moisture Toner - $20 CAD
I've been suffering from really dry, dull skin for the past few months so I wanted to try something that would help moisturize and brighten my skin. I've only been using both items for about a week now, but it is helping keep my face moisturized and a lot brighter looking! With the whitening cream a little goes a LONG way...I made the mistake of putting on my usual amount for other creams...and it took a long time for it to fully absorb. So far I like it and haven't broken out though =)

I also thought I would share my real hair color haha. Some of you might remember one of my past blog posts where I had a blonde wig on. Well I rarely take snaps in my normal hair since it's really dry and damaged right now, but Terri managed to take a snap of it on the weekend.
My current hair
Excuse the blob, I had a really derpy face. My hair's naturally black but the current color is a mixture of L'Oreal Feria - 45 Deep Bronzed Brown and left over Palty: 生キャラメルラテ (Nama Caramel Latte). I'm trying not to dye my hair anymore so excuse the gross state of it as I try to grow out all the color XD
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  1. Heyy :3 oh wuahh I need a cake like that ;D I always chose the water pokemon (so of course I chose this one as well) when playing pokemon. It's so cute >.<
    I think your hair looks really nice & not damaged at all but if you really want to "repair" it then I hove you'll succeed =D I can recommend Paul Mitchell Products when it comes down to curling/straigheting <3

  2.  Hehe! You should try to make a pokemon cake one day too! It's easier if it's just the head though :3
    Aww you're too kind ^^ thank you for your comment! I'll look into Paul Mitchell products when I get the chance :) thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I started using the whitening cream last night! Along with the regular moisturizing soy milk Toner. Not sure if it's necessary to used a moisturizing milk lotion with it since that's a he'll lot of moisture for an Oily T zone...
    How do you like the toner? Maybe I'll switch to that one For every other day with the one I already have to work in conjunction with the whitening cream.

    1. Ahh so sorry I only saw this post now! The toners really moisturizing... I find I use it more on its own for the day and then at night I use it with the cream. However it is winter/fall here so my skin is a lot dryer. In the summer I hardly used the cream unless I had really dry skin :( otherwise it looked abit greasy.