Saturday, June 02, 2012

I've been tagged!

 Christina a.k.a Chirality from Chiralicious tagged me in one of her recent blog entries so I thought I would fill it out now ! She's a really sweet gyaru/lolita from Germany that has a great mixture of lolita and gyaru styles on her blog ^^ It's my first time getting tagged so please bare with me XD!

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

11 facts about myself:
1)I have a soft spot for things with lace or frills.
2)I've dyed my hair more times than I can count....XD mostly different shades of brown or red.
3)I need at least 6 hours of sleep each day, if I don't I start to get sick :(
4) My favourite cartoon growing up was Sailor Moon!
5) My boyfriend is the one who cuts my hair on a regular basis XD
6) I don't have my wisdom teeth, never had them pulled out since the dentist said I don't have any... :x
7) I'm afraid of heights and frogs..
8) I love to bake in my free time, but I rarely eat sweets in general.
9) I used to have a pet turtle when I was younger.
10) I think the bass is a sexy instrument :P
11) I wanted to be a fashion designer or a teacher when I was I'd rather own a cafe :P

Chirality's Questions:
1) How much time do you need for your daily make-up/morning routine?
Just for going to school less than 5 minutes...haha I'm so lazy. Put on some bb cream and mascara and out the door :x 
2) What's your favorite mascot/character? (Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, etc.)
Rilakkuma and My Melody :3
3) Describe your fashion style 5 years ago.
Haha..I don't know if it is even a fashion style...I often just wore jeans and a sweatshirt :x
4) What's your favorite (soft)drink?
I don't really drink soft drinks...but I like orange soda like Fanta or Crush.
5) What's the last item you bought?
Lace Up Perforated Flats in Brown
6) If your friends have to describe you with 3 words, what would they possibly say? 
Random, Hyper, and Awkward. Hahaha, that's my guess anyway.
7) Did you ever get a (Lolita/Gyaru) Valentine?
Not that I know of :P I don't think I qualify as a Lolita or Gyaru.
8) Do you have any pets? If yes, what's their name, and could you possibly show a photo? =)
This is my dog Ginger, she's a 3 year old maltese poodle mix that we adopted a year and a half ago :)
9) How will you react when a stranger is saying a rude thing to you?
 Probably feel a little upset...and just give them a "WTF?" face. Depending on how rude it is I would point out they don't even know me and to get a life lol!

10) What's the 10th song in your ipod/phone/any-device-that-can-play-music playlist? =)
 夜空のメロディー feat. C by Sweet Licious

11) How would your dream man/girl look like? 
 My boyfriend :P Haha.
But for fun I'll insert one of TOP from Big Bang, since I like his style!

Finally finished!! Now onto my questions for everyone else!

Questions for tagged people:
1)If you could live anywhere else in the world where would you live and why?
2) What is the one dream item you're currently saving up to buy?
3) When did you first start blogging?
4)What make up item do you use the most often?
5) What places have you traveled to? (If you haven't, where would you like to travel to?)
6) When did you start getting into gyaru/lolita/cosplay?
7) What do you like to do aside from blogging?
8) What color(s) of clothing do you wear the most of?
9) 10 years from now where do you see yourself?
10) Have you ever gone to any meet up (gyaru, lolita, cosplay) and how was your experience?
11) What is your favourite pair of shoes? :P

Haha hopefully those questions aren't too...personal ! Anyways for the 11 people I wasn't sure who has not done this tag already ;__; so if you've already done this once then you don't need to fill it out again! I'm going to tag :
1) Rin (ParalleLines)
2) Terri (smile.and.shine)
3) Keki (The Cat's Blog)
4) Nana (With Nana)
5) Lisa (Lisa's Blog)
6) Katherine (Tealeaf Cafe)
7) Emi (Beauty is an Opinion)
8) Monica (Atomic Nony)
10) JunJun (【Obsession】)
11) Mery Wright (It's Time to Move On)

Sorry if the tag troubles you ;__; You don't need to do it if you don't want to <3
Anyways I should have another post in the next few days as I received both my Luxe Box and Glossy Box for the month of May!


  1. Oh, so nice to see you found out that I've tagged you on your own. xD" I finally have my PC back, and now I'm telling everybody that got tagged to please fill out the form. ;)

    Your dog is so cuuuuuuuute <3
    And you have no wisdom teeth - how lucky you are! I'll get mine removed in some weeks, I'm so scared. Q__Q
    Ahhhw, I really love such entrys! It's so interesting to get to know such special things about a person. =)

  2. Your dog is so ridiculously adorable. <3 I love rila too. ^^ Sorry I won't be doing it cos I've been tagged in this so many times and I've done it twice already haha. :D Thankyou so much for tagging me though.

  3. I happened to read your tag entry at the time you posted it XD it just took me longer to actually make a response for the tag. I'm glad you have your PC back now, I think mine needs to be taken to the shop soon T__T

    Aww thanks, I'm scared for the day my wisdom teeth do appear...I hope its never xD Hopefully your trip to the dentist will be okay!

    I agree! You get to learn more about other bloggers too through these tags! Thanks for tagging me :)

  4. Haha she can be a spoiled brat sometimes and get away with it because she's too cute Q__Q. Don't worry about it :) I'm glad you even took the time to check!! Thanks for dropping by :D

  5.  No problem xD thanks for doing the tag so quickly!