Sunday, June 03, 2012

Random, May Luxe Box and Glossy Box

Hi everyone! This was taken a week or so ago on my phone while I was playing around with a wig I recently got. Unfortunately the wig was thinner than I thought :( but it looks decent pinned up for photos.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I subscribed to both Luxe Box and Glossy Box in Canada. The Luxe Box costs $12 monthly, $36/3 months, or $120/year (12 months). Glossy Box on the other hand is $15/month flat.

For the May Luxe Box I received 2 boxes, the white one is their bath&body type of box, and the black box is the regular box you will receive each month. I love the look of the black Luxe Box, I think it looks so cute with the button and ribbon XD
In the white box I got a Venus & Olay razor, and an Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex.
The black box came with:
 -a full size Essie nail polish in the shade "Camera" ($8 for 15mL)
- another Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex ($60 for the full sized version 15mL)
- full size Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask ($38 for 250mL)
- 3 scent samplers. Prada: Candy, Calvin Klein: Sheer Beauty, and Rihanna's Rebelle.

The perfume samplers are handy for travel wise but I don't wear perfume all that often. Overall I'm most excited about the Moroccan Oil hair mask and the Essie nail polish. The box also came with a $20 off coupon for Panty By Post, however I don't see myself using that.

I have to admit I was more excited to receive my Glossy Box over the Luxe Box.... even their boxes for shipping are adorable! It's those little details such as decorated parcel boxes that make me happy. This months Glossy Box came with:
-  Curel Foot Cream ($3.99 for 100mL)
- Simple Eye MakeUp Remover ($9.99 for 56mL)
- Simple Facial Wash Gel ($9.99 for 50mL)
- full size Pandora's MakeUp Box Lipstick ($16/each)
- full size Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo ($15.78 for 250mL)

I'm excited with the items I received and the items have paid for the value of at least 3 Glossy Boxes! Unfortunately I have very thick hair as it is, so I gave the volumizing shampoo to my sister in-law but she's very excited about it! I've also used the Simple cleanser and eye makeup remover, both are so gentle *_* on my sensitive skin!

Overall I'm happy with both Luxe Box and Glossy Box, however after my 3 month subscription to Luxe Box ends I probably won't subscribe to them anymore as I am much more pleased with Glossy Box!

Do any of you subscribe to deluxe beauty sample services? What are your impressions about beauty sample services such as Glossy Box and Luxe Box?

Also I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to check previous post about the tag! Even if you don't do tags or have already done it I really appreciate it ^^ thanks! <3

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  1.  i've heard that the maroccan oil products are amazing.

  2. The Glossy Box box is really pretty *-*

    Glad you're happy with the products you received. 
    I wish they had subscription services like these here...

    PS. Your hair looks really nice :D

  3.  I've heard that too! I haven't had the chance to try it since I'm trying other hair products right now, but I hope it lives up to the hype :3

  4.  I agree! The pink is what attracted me the most haha.
    I'm loving the products a lot so far :3
    Ehh they don't have subscription services in Singapore??
    I know Glossy Box is trying to expand worldwide ;__; since they just started one in Japan as well.

    Aww thanks :P sadly it's just a wig XD