Thursday, July 12, 2012

L.A./Anime Expo Day 2 - Image Heavy!!

It was our second day in L.A. and officially Anime Expo's Day 0. Basically no events are really happening other than people picking up their passes for the weekend. So after sleeping most of the day before we all woke up around 8am ish and just rolled around on the bed for a bit. Then someone asked what we were going to do today...and I just randomly blurted out "Let's go to Little Tokyo" hahaha...both Terri and Avery were ready to get out of bed all of a sudden. So we decided we would go to Little Tokyo first and then head to the convention center after to pick up our passes.

A tree that you can write your wishes on I think.

Well I decided to put the rest of the photos under the cut since there's a lot more! We wandered Little Tokyo for a bit until I got hungry... :C so we decided to go to a random restaurant in the area XD I'm glad we did though! We ended up choosing Joy Mart Restaurant.

they have specials going on where you pick 2 items for $8.95 or 3 items for $10.95 and the portions were great! Not too tiny but not so giant you couldn't finish any of it! Here's what we all got.
Our orders came with a salad or miso soup, we went with the salad which was delicious!

Soy sauce dispenser in a cool bottle!

My friend Avery went with Hana Chirashi Sushi which isn't part of the special...
You can order it from their regular menu.
It's so pretty and colorful!

Terri went with the pick 2 for $8.95
She picked the small ramen and california rolls!

I also went with the pick 2 for $8.95.
I went with the Volcano Bowl and Salmon Sashimi <3
I really enjoyed both dishes ;^; Sadly I got full really fast so I couldn't enjoy it as much D:

At around 12:30 Terri's friend texted her to say we needed to be at the convention center by 3pm so Terri could get her Artist Alley assistant pass :C So we decided to just head back to the hotel right after that ;___;

Cute Hello Kitty
Avery and I waited in line for about 3.5 hours before we finally got our passes ;___; Thankfully Terri and her friend Wynn were kind enough to keep us company! Wynn also showed up randomly with Starbucks for all of us while we waited in line ;^; Afterwards we just went to IHOP to eat.. XD


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