Friday, June 07, 2013


I went to Toronto 2 weeks ago and came back last weekend. I really like Toronto, too bad their weather was more bipolar than where I live. One minute it's freezing cold and raining, then it's ridiculously hot. Afterwards it'll be super hot and raining and then cold again.... I really don't understand their weather lol. It was also really humid T_T 

But they have so many stores ! And cute little local owned businesses >_< I really want to go again <3 
This was taken when my friend and I went to Pacific Mall for the first time...
So many cute clothes x_x too bad all freesize/onesize. ;__; ALSO matcha kitkats <3

It was raining on this day and we took the subway for the first time lol.
Went to ROM for free student admission, bought cupcakes, and coffee from Starbucks.
Also went to Menchies for some good froyo.

This was on our last night T___T Drove down Yonge street and then around the city.
I already miss the scene...Toronto is so different from Edmonton ;__;


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