Saturday, February 14, 2015

Haul: The Face Shop Canada! // Happy Valentine's Day!

First off Happy Valentine's Day everyone! As I'm #foreveralone, I spent the day with my friend shopping, so that we could still enjoy the day together despite being surrounded by couples everywhere!

The day started with me paying a visit to Michael Kors to get my watch re-sized, as it was too big for my wrist. I've had pretty bad customer service experiences with the Michael Kors closer to my house, so my friend suggested we meet at a different mall and hopefully the service will be better there. Luckily, the Michael Kors I ended up going to had really friendly shop staff, and I'm happy I can finally wear my watch :)

Afterwards my friend and I headed over to The Face Shop to check out some of their skincare stuff.

  1. Chia Seed Moisture-Holding Seed Cream ($31 CAD)
  2. Mango Seed Glow Date-Prep Butter (**Free Sample)
  3. Spatula ($2 CAD)
  4. Real Nature Acai Berry Face Mask (**Free Sample)
  5. Acacia Honey Hand Lotion ($6 CAD)
  6. Chia Seed Watery Eye & Spot Essence ($31 CAD)
**The Mango Seed Glow Date-Prep Butter is a deluxe sample that I received for purchasing 2 items from their "Seed" line.
** The Acai Berry mask is the free sample I received for making a purchase. 

I had received a sample of the Chia Seed cream previously, and ended up liking the gel texture, so I decided to purchase the full size version.

I got to try out the Watery Eye&Spot essence at my friends house a few weeks ago, and it has the same texture as the cream. I'm not sure how well it does with lightening dark spots, but it feels very light and moisturizing around the eye area.

Comparing the texture of the Eye&Spot Essence and the Moisture-Holding Seed Cream. Very similar gel-like texture. They absorb into the skin very quickly too! 
I have high hopes for the Chia Seed line as my friend has been raving about them for a while now!

And in the spirit of Valentines Day, here's a card from me to you.

I hope everyone is having/had a great Valentine's Day, regardless of if you're in a relationship or not. Loving yourself is just as important as sharing love with another person :) So take this time to pamper yourself too!

***Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me and all opinions posted are solely my own.


  1. Bodyshop never gets failed me :)
    So fabulous products :)

  2. Haha I love the Body Shop and The Face Shop too :) Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Great haul! I love buying things from The Face Shop. The Chia Seed products are great, my friend who works there introduced me to the serum of it and I got hooked instantly :)

    And yay! It's great to find a fellow Canadian blogger as well! :p

    xx Courtney

  4. I have yet to try any of their serums! I found the Chia cream is a little bit too thick for my skin unfortunately :( so I ended up giving it to my mom who has dryer skin. I've moved on to trying their Flebote line now XD

    Yay Canadian bloggers represent! :) Thank you for visitting <3