Thursday, February 19, 2015

Haul: Ichibankao

Happy Thursday everyone! I have another haul post, this time from Ichibankao. I know their prices are a little bit higher, but I've been searching for the Kanebo Kate eye shadows and the FITS Love Switch brown eyeliner for a while, and had a hard time finding them without either a) paying an arm and a leg for shipping OR b) not having the color  I wanted.

I've ordered from Ichibankao before and have never had any problems :) They've always replied quickly and ship within the week for my orders. It took about two weeks for my order to arrive from Japan to Canada.

Everything I ordered, except for the Kanebo KATE My Color Eyeliner Pencil.
  1. FITS Love Switch Pink Brown Eyeliner Pencil  (¥2,050 JPY) 
  2. Diamond Eyelash Fixer (¥1,550 JPY)
  3. Diamond Lash Nudy Cultural Series - Elegant Eye (¥2,050 JPY)
  4. Suqqu **sample
  5. Kanebo Kate Colorcious Diamond Eyes - PK1 (¥2,100 JPY)
  6. KISS Cosmetics My Eyes Eye Shadow Base (¥1,600 JPY)

FITS Love Switch Pink Brown Eyeliner Pencil.
I don't like to tight line my eyes with black eyeliner as it looks too harsh. Unfortunately due to my sensitive eyes not a lot of eyeliners work well on my tight line without irritating them except for this eyeliner and Dollywink's pencil eyeliner.

Diamond Lash Cultural Series - Elegant Eyes & Diamond Eyelash Fixer (clear).
I'm such a sucker for false eyelashes, and I have way too many super dramatic ones, so I figured I should invest in some slightly more natural looking eyelashes. I'm a huge fan of Diamond Lash so I couldn't resist. I also wanted to try out their eyelash glue, but unfortunately the bottle dried out from sitting out in the cold too long :/

Kanebo KATE Colorcious Diamond eye shadow in PK-1
I love KATE eyeshadows as they really pop out on my eyes, and compliment them better than a lot of Western eye shadow brands. The texture is also really nice and I find they blend nicely together. 

KISS Cosmetics My Eyes Eye Shadow Base.
One of my Kanebo KATE palettes came with this pearly white eye shadow base that really helped my eye shadow colors pop and prevented them from creasing, unfortunately I can't find that palette anymore. I decided to try out this one to see if it would give the same effect.

What are some of your favourite Japanese make-up brands? I'm wondering where everyone else purchases their Japanese make-up items. It's nearly impossible to find some where I am in Canada. Also, Happy Chinese New Year to those that celebrate it! I hope you all have a prosperous New Year!


  1. Amazing products.

    Hope you can try it on and let us see what it looks like LOL :)


    Check my new post.

  2. Haha maybe in the future I'll make some looks with the eyelashes and eye shadow :)

  3. I'm the same! It's really hard to find a good liquid eyeliner. I often shop at Imomoko and Sasa too :) They have a wider variety of products than Ichibankao.

  4. Those lashes... look very lovely. I hate spending so much on lashes though. If I can find a nice pair for <$5 my life would be very happy. hahaha I don't own any Japanese makeup but I do own Japanese skincare (Hada Labo.. I'm pretty sure everyone knows this brand).

    p.s hiii!! Nice to find a fellow Canadian blogger. :3

  5. Haha I hoard lashes like there's a shortage of them... but I do prefer the Japanese eye lashes as they fit my eye shape a bit better >_< 5 pairs usually costs around $20 though, so about $4 a pair!

    I've heard of Hada Labo, and it's a super popular brand, but have never actually tried their products.

    Yay! More Canadians :) Thank you so much for stopping by.

  6. Did you have to pay for shipping though?? I can find a good deal but then it's like $10+ shipping and I slowly back away from the computer. haha

    Try their lotion, it's great!

  7. I love seeing makeup hauls ;w;
    I considered buying from that site before but I don't know if it would be easier to just get it from ebay instead.

  8. Ah yea, other than ordering from Ichibankao I usually buy the Japanese lashes when I buy my circle lenses, and those stores offer free shipping over a certain amount of money... So I often try to get the free shipping haha. Terrible habbit because sometimes I end up buying more than I intended to.

    I'll check out the lotion for sure! Thanks!

  9. Lovely haul! I always stopped myself whenever I tried to buy something from ichibankao because of the prices. But I really love Kanebo Kate too especially their eyeliner.