Sunday, March 22, 2015

Etude House: Sweet Idea Bunny Nail

Happy Sunday everyone! So you may remember I posted a review about the Sephora Glitter Nail Polish remover last week. Well, shortly after I removed my old nail polish, I painted my nails again XD

Etude House had a free shipping promo 2 weeks ago, and I decided to try out some other nail polishes from them. This time it's the Sweet Idea Bunny Nail duos. I also decided to try one of their nail hardener/base coats, the Help My Finger Milk Strong.

Help My Finger in Milk Strong ($5 USD)
This base coat did help my nails feel more solid/stronger. It dries glossy and clear or a very pale glossy milky color depending how thick you layer it on, despite how white it looks on the bottle.
The Sweet Idea Bunny Nail in #5 (Mint and Gold) and #4 (Red and Gold) [$4.50USD ea.]
 I used #5 (Mint and Gold) on my nails, the gold is loose glitter that you pat on your nail using the rubber tip (the lid has a rubber tip instead of a standard nail polish brush attached to it). Sorry I didn't get photos of it, unfortunately the glitter just...gets everywhere and can get quite messy if you don't have paper or something to catch all the glitter with.

I opted to just have the glitter randomly distributed on my nail rather than just at the tips. The mint showed up nicely with just 2 coats and dried relatively quickly with help from the Seche Vite quick dry top coat.

The polish stayed on my nails for a week, I'm sure it would have lasted longer but I snagged my nail on something this weekend and needed to cut off the nail :( Now all my nails have been cut short because I don't like them looking uneven >_<

Till next time!

Rainbow Road


  1. So cute! I like the color and the packaging is adorbs.

  2. The packaging is so cute!! And I have a big love for that color, it's so pretty!

    Black Daisy

  3. The packaging is really adorable! The mint looks great on your nails :D
    Celestial Love

  4. Etude House does really cute packaging
    and those colors are so pretty.

    Ms. Kei

  5. Ahhh I seriously love the packaging of these nail polishes! How adorable are they?!
    That Mint is so perfect for the spring, and I love the color.

    I am so happy I found your blog. Would you like to check out my blog and perhaps follow each other on GFC and/or other social media?

    Have an amazing day!

    XOXO, HaeMin

  6. I LOVE that mint colour, I'm actually about to paint my nails a similar shade! Also, I love how absolutely cute Etude House packaging always is.

  7. Right! I think it's 90% of the reason I bought them in the first place... I didn't really need more nail polish haha.

  8. It's such a nice color for spring :) Thank you for visiting!

  9. I'm almost reluctant to use up the polish because of how cute it looks. And thank you! :) It's such a fun color for spring!

  10. Don't they? I always end up ordering more than I need from Etude House because their packaging always gets to me >_<

  11. Etude House always has such cute packaging that I can't help but buy things I don't need from them XD

    I really love the concept of your blog and I'd be more than happy to follow you on GFC!
    Thank you for dropping by :)

  12. It's such a lovely color for spring and brightens up my mood every time I see that shade! Their packaging is always on point too!