Sunday, March 08, 2015

Haul: Blippo!

Hey everyone! I can't believe a week of March has already passed >_< This year is going by so fast.
I have another haul to post, this time it's from Blippo. One of my friends irl loves collecting really cute stationary, unfortunately our city doesn't really have any kawaii stationary stores T_T So I started searching online for some stores and stumbled upon Blippo. They offer free shipping to Canada and you get a free gift if you spend over $25. Here are the things I purchased from Blippo.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars*
  1. Aloha Rilakkuma Sticky Notes (3 sets) - $2.46  ea.
  2. Sheep 2015 Desk Calendar - $4.70 
  3. 2 in 1 Sticker Set - Kawaii Animals - $2.05 
  4. Korea Index Seal: Cherry Dot and Cream Pink - $2.05 ea.
  5. Happy Animal Letter Set - $3.42 
  6. Glico Collon Biscuit Roll: Green Tea Filing - $3.56
  7. Pastel Colored Rabbit Notepad - $4.79
  8. Rilakkuma Strawberry Filled Biscuits - $3.97
I know you could probably find these items elsewhere for a cheaper price, but my city really doesn't have a lot of Japanese/Korean items, let alone cute stationary T_T So I couldn't resist.

The sheep calendar is super cute!! I needed a desk calendar for my workstation at home, and this one is just so adorable >_< Each month the sheep makes a different face :)! I think this is my favourite thing out of all the stuff I purchased haha.

Blippo also included some pamphlets, a little thank you with all their social media links on it, I just love the design of the paper...I love pastel colors, and especially pink! And also another pamphlet advertising their subscription service, Kawaii Box. I've never tried it but it seems like a really cute and fun box.
They also included a blippo keychain and a packet of Rilakkuma rice crackers as my free gift for purchasing over $25 :)

I'm still on a search to find stores that offer a lot of cute stationary, are there any that you guys would recommend? I really wish I had somewhere to buy these locally :(
Hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. Oh my goodness! T___T everything is oh so kawaii ahh! I'm actually going to use that website when I need some extra dosage of cuteness overload since I really need some cute items in my life since the only stationary store we have here is Daiso, but it is limited.

    Last Night with Lee

  2. Oh!! I love the Rilakkuma items!! I've never heard of their subscription box. Defiantly will look into that soon xx

  3. You got me at free shipping (my two favourite words). The mini sheep calendar is super cute. :3

    I'm the type that buys a bunch of notebooks because they look pretty and then never use them even though I want to. haha

  4. Very cute and colorful photos! I see you love Rilakkuma very much! For me, I find the little sheep calender so cute! haha! <3

  5. This is great, I was looking for a place that sold cute/kawaii stationary for an affordable price.

  6. They do offer a lot of kawaii stationary and even carry some Japanese magazines too! :) Which I found pretty convenient.

  7. Haha you are right! I love Rilakkuma ^^ but the sheep calendar is super cute too!!

  8. I love free shipping too! The calendar just brightens up my desk instantly every morning with how cute it is.

    I'm the same....I end up buying so many notebooks from Indigo/Chapters when they have a sale...but I don't think I'll ever use them all.

  9. I kinda wish Blippo had a lot more Rilakkuma items :( But their subscription service is super tempting!

  10. We don't even have a Daiso here XD It's rather sad, but at least there's online stores like Blippo to add more cute in our lives haha.
    Thank you for stopping by :)

  11. Cute calendar!

    I love the pieces.

    So adorable.


    Check my new post.

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  12. Such a cute haul!! And you are so beautiful! (: