Sunday, March 29, 2015

No Rub Gel demo

Hey everyone! Since I've been painting my nails a lot I decided to try out another nail polish remover that's specifically supposed to help remove glitter&nail art as well! After watching cutepolish's video, I went and bought a jar of the No Rub Nail Polish Remover gel. It cost about $7USD a jar and $5.95 for shipping to Canada (they have a spend $10 or more and pay $5.95 flat rate shipping going on right now).
I tried something new and decided to record my experience trying to remove nail polish with the gel on my right hand below:
I know red is a hard color to remove, so I was glad it removed a lot of the red polish. But, rather than having cotton fibers stuck to my fingers I ended up with bits of paper towel >_< Next time I'll make sure to just press the paper towel on the nail and not around my fingers.
Sadly it didn't remove nail polish and glitter as quickly and easily as the Sephora Glitter Nail polish remover, but it does cost a little bit less (if you do the 5.95 flat shipping promo) and contains more product so I'll keep experimenting with it!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Rainbow Road


  1. Thanks for sharing! I still need to go out and get the Sephora one!

  2. I wonder if you could make something like this. The Sephora one did look like it worked better. Nice video btw!!!

  3. Nice review! I would like to take the time to say, thank you for the constant support on my blog: !

    P.s. I'm about to feature you on the blogroll on my site, feel free to add my site to your blog too! :)

    Best regards!

  4. Yea I think the Sephora one is just the quickest and most hassle-free remover I've found!

  5. I wonder too, it was basically just a jello version of regular nail polish remover.... but didn't remove as quickly :(

  6. Aw thank you!! I'll be setting up a blogroll page soon enough and will be returning the favour!