Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Very Small Taobao/Yoybuy Haul!

Hey everyone! Some of you have probably heard of Taobao, which is a Chinese auction/sale website that has a lot of cute and affordable things *__* Unfortunately I only know very basic Chinese, so I can't navigate the website on my own.

I decided to try out a Taobao Shopping service called Yoybuy, because I read a few mixed reviews about them I only purchased 3 dresses, and luckily they arrived safely :)

These dresses were from a seller named 110VAC, they sell a lot of items you can find from DreamVs Japan. I find shipping can get really expensive when ordering through DreamVs/Rakuten though (usually $40 or more just on shipping), so I decided even if it wasn't the "real" Plumprimo/DreamV brand I would be okay with it. Although it seems like it's the same item/quality since a lot of DreamV clothing is manufactured in China.

The first dress I bought is this dusty pink one, with lace detailing on the front and a black ribbon to tie. There's also 3 bronze/off-gold buttons as decoration. The dress is fully lined except on the sleeves and the waist is also fully shirred so it also stretches quite a bit :) This cost me $10.66 USD (I think it was around $30+ USD on Rakuten). You can see it worn HERE

Next is this trench-coat looking dress (I don't know what else to call it haha) also in a dusty pink color. This one has 4 functioning buttons on the front for closure, and also has 2 hidden snap buttons on the collar for extra security :) The black belt is removable as you can see below:

This dress is also fully lined aside from the sleeves, and the waist only has shirring on the back half (so not as stretchy as the first dress). The only downside to this dress, is that the buttons aren't completely aligned with each other...but it's still super cute and only cost $10.66USD (again I think this is normally $30USD+ on Rakuten). I haven't had a chance to wear this one yet but I can't wait.

The third dress I bought is actually for a friend so I didn't get the chance to snap a photo of it, but it was also super cute and cost around $11USD!

Here is my total from Yoybuy broken down:

Although shipping cost me $20 it's still a lot less than what I normally pay whenever I order from Rakuten, plus it left China on March 9th and arrived at my door March about quick and efficient. Luckily I didn't have to pay any customs fees when I signed for the package!

I actually placed another order through Yoybuy 2 days I'm hoping that one also turns out as good as this order!

Till next time!

Rainbow Road


  1. The trench coat one is too cute!!!!

  2. Aww, such a cute haul! I like the second dress best although they're all pretty cute!

  3. I was torn between buying it in red, navy or pink!

  4. Thank you ^^ I'm hoping I get a chance to wear the second dress soon ><

  5. Oh very beautidul dress

  6. wow This dress is super cute. I love it. I love the first one. its really unique and the design really cute!

    would you like to follow each other? If you follow me, please let me know.
    I will follow you back for sure. thank you so much! =D


  7. This coat is really cute! Especially the color is perfect >w< <3

    Can we follow each other? :3

  8. I love the last two most of all, you got such good value!