Saturday, April 18, 2015

My current favourite cleansers!

Hey everyone! Been a while since I last updated... due to some poor life choices I made my hair is now in a super damaged condition, and I just feel sad and de-motivated lately T_T

The one thing that seems to be going well for me right now is my skin *knocks on wood* I normally have very sensitive, acne prone skin with an oily t-zone. Most cleansers tend to either do absolutely nothing for me, or causes my skin to react and break out in itchy, red spots. I managed to find 3 cleansers that work quite well for me, and hopefully they may work for you too!

First is the Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser, this cleanser was actually recommended to me by Eri at Luxe and Blush. I found the Gentle version of this cleanser wasn't working well for my skin (I broke out quite a bit from it). But this one has micro-beads to help exfoliate the skin, and also foams up nicely. I use this about once or twice a week so as to not over-exfoliate, and I find my skin is super soft and smooth afterwards ! I recommend using this cleanser in the shower so that you can be sure all the micro-beads are rinsed off. (I used this in the sink once and had some left over beads around my chin and near my hairline on my forehead.)

Next is the Garnier Foaming Cleansing Gel. I was actually looking for a cheap cleanser at the last minute since I had no regular cleanser left. Luckily this turned out to work with my skin, although its gel to foam it doesn't dry out my skin, and even removes light face make-up for days when I'm just wearing a tinted moisturizer or bb cream!

Last, but definitely not least, is the Nude Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly. I've tried other oil cleansers but found they just made my face super oily... or irritated my eyes >_< (Sensitive eye problems lol.) Since this one actually costs quite a bit more... $47 CAD omg, I use this on days where I'm wearing much heavier make up (false eye lashes, full face etc.) and it removes my waterproof eye-makeup quite easily! When it comes out of the tube it's more of a gel consistency, and once on your face it turns into an oilier consistency. The instructions say to add water after you finish massaging it in and then it turns into a milky consistency! My face feels quite moisturized and refreshed after using this!

Sephora is still having their 15% off code running for VIB Rouge until this Tuesday and I'm sure VIB and Beauty Insiders will have their sale eventually, so if you'd like to try the Shiseido or NUDE cleansers I recommend buying them during a sale :)

What are some of your favourite cleansers?? I have a hard time selecting drug-store cleansers since there's so many and a lot of them have irritated my skin in the past. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
Till next time <3 


  1. I never tried the facial cleanser from Garnier, but since I love the facial cream from the same brand I also want to try that one:)Nice blog,I'm following you!

  2. I'm in need of a new facial cleanser and I might give the Shiseido and Garnier ones a try (that's if they sell it here) D:

  3. I love garnier products but i haven't tried this one, gonna switch soon to try this out <3

    Anyway, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and let me know in the comment so that i can follow you back instantly :)

  4. Hello there!! <3
    Garnier never fails me! :)
    I love anything with grape extract!

  5. This was my first cleanser from Garnier too, and I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle it was :)
    Thanks for stopping by! I've followed you back <3

  6. Aw hopefully they sell them in Australia! I know Garnier has some different products around the world. Thanks for stopping by <3

  7. I've heard great things about the Garnier facial products, but the other two look lovely as well! Great post!

    xo Kiki

  8. Hi dear,new follower here ! im currently in search of cleanser .thankfully you posted this!i guess i'll try the garnier one since im eyeing for a cheaper cleanser to use daily! ^^

  9. That cleanser from Shiseido looks great
    Thanks for share your favorite with us

  10. My favorite face cleanser is from Pond's which I got in Thailand. It's very good and I've been using it for almost a year c:
    The Shiseido one seems great~

  11. Katielly EllwangerJune 18, 2015 at 12:31 AM

    My favorite here in Brazil is the Vult Cosmetics is well fresquinho and light kisses