Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Hair Tragedy and First Impression Overtone Haircare

Hey everyone! Since I haven't really shared the state/appearance of my hair recently I thought I'd make a post about it, as well as a first impression/review of Overtone Haircare.

So back in the beginning of April... I had the stupid idea of wanting to dye my black/dark brown hair LAVENDER. I don't know why I didn't stop myself or consult a professional... instead I enlisted the help of my friend who has bleached her own hair and other's several times... unfortunately my hair wasn't too happy. 

I lost 50% of the volume in my hair, it became gummy and super stretchy when wet, and super frizzy and brittle when dry. It's been a bit over 2 months since then, and my hair is still a fragile baby... I've vowed not to dye or bleach my hair for a loooonggg time. And if I do... I will seek professional help T_T because they have access to hair treatments like Olaplex...which helps to lessen the damage caused by bleach if used correctly.

This is the state of my hair right now, excuse the caption, I took it from my Snapchat after realizing I had no recent photos of my hair. I did love how it was fading, and the color itself, but it's still very dry >_< and since the purple is a semi-permanent color a lot of the color washes out in the shower! Sometimes if I forget to "re-color" my hair, it becomes an ashy grey/silver mix. So I decided to try some conditioners from Overtone Haircare to maintain the color easier.

I purchased the Pastel Purple - Complete system which is $45 USD, the set contains an 8 oz. tub of deep conditioner, 8 oz. bottle of daily conditioner, and a 2 oz. bottle of daily conditioner for travelling/on the go use. Shipping to Canada was a whooping $15... I was hoping the products would live up to the hype to help justify the price.

The color of the product is a very vibrant purple, and I was worried I'd get a really bright purple instead of the subtle purple/lavender I have in the photo.

Luckily I haven't had any problems with the color being too vibrant on my hair, but I've only had a chance to use the daily conditioner and deep conditioner one time each. I had a hard time squeezing out the daily conditioner from the bottle, and just ended up taking the cap off and shaking the bottle on my hand in hopes the product would come out faster.

The conditioners themselves aren't very moisturizing for me, but my hair is dryer than the Sahara desert so I wasn't expecting any overnight miracles from this. The one thing I do love is the minty kind of tea tree scent these conditioners have while washing, but the scent doesn't last very long on my hair :(

So far I'm not too impressed, the conditioners themselves help maintain my color and I can finally take warm showers without worrying about washing out all the color in my hair again, but I still find myself using a separate conditioner to help moisturize my hair.

If anything I can just mix some of the purple dye with white conditioner and condition my hair every time I wash it'd be a lot cheaper over time compared to this.

I'm hoping prolonged use and some experimenting will convince me otherwise that this product lives up to the hype :(

What are some of your holy grail conditioners? 
I'm on a search for some good conditioners especially for
damaged colour-treated hair!  

Hope you all had a great weekend!
See you next time.


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous in that shade, but damage is scary. I hope you can find a conditioner that helps, some of my friends with lightened hair use coconut oil a few times a week.

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  3. Your hair looks nice in the photo! What does it look like currently?

    After I bleached my hair is felt like hay. It sucks. ;( The best thing I could offer as advice is use serums, EVERY. DAY. Use an oil serum and then a spray. That helped my hair significantly. Have fun with your roots though. lol That's why I stopped bleaching my hair, I'm so low maintenance. haha

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  5. Aww im inlove with your hair!! I always wanted to try dying my hair pastel huhu sadly my hair was too damaged already :(

  6. Aw! Yea going pastel from dark hair is not easy at all! If you ever decide you want to try, I recommend going to a professional :)