Monday, July 06, 2015

Review: Creer Beaute Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Eye Liner

Hey everyone!
I had some feedback on my haul post requesting for an in-depth review for the Sailor Moon eyeliner. I decided to wait a while so I could have time to use the eyeliner a few times before writing about it!

I bought mine from YesStyle for $33 CAD. It might seem quite pricey for a liquid eyeliner, but it's roughly around the same price as some of the liners you find at Sephora.

The eyeliner comes with 2 lids, one standard pink lid, and then the Sailor Moon wand tip which fits on top of the pink lid. 

Creer Beaute made the Sailor Moon eyeliner waterproof with a brush style tip. (Packaging also claims it can write as fine as 0.1mm)

 Comparing eyeliner tips, from top to bottom: Koji Dolly Wink, Stila Stay All Day waterproof, and finally Creer Beaute Miracle Romance Sailor Moon eyeliner.

I'm a fan of liquid eyeliners as you can tell. Both the Koji Dolly Wink and the Sailor Moon eyeliner have brush tips, while the Stila Stay All Day is a felt tip.

Excuse the white tissue, I don't have a white desk or counter to use, and it's hard to show the eye liner tips on a black-brown top. Size wise, without the Sailor Moon wand topper the eyeliner is the same size as the Koji Dolly Wink and Stila Stay All Day.

Comparing different eyeliner widths. If you're very careful you can draw a really fine line with the Sailor Moon eyeliner. (I'm not sure if it's precisely 0,1mm but it's pretty fine!)

I smudged all 3 eyeliners before letting it dry completely. All 3 liners claim to be waterproof, even the Sailor Moon one! But I recommend not rubbing your eyes until you've let it dry first.

Overall I find the liner itself is around the same quality as the Koji Dolly Wink. I do like that the Sailor Moon wand topper is separate so once the eyeliner is finished I can still keep the topper (BONUS it fits all of my other liquid eyeliner lids too!)

I haven't had any problems with it smudging onto my eyelids throughout the day or smearing off from sweat/tears. I have quite teary eyes (not from crying just sensitive and teary/watery eyes) and this eyeliner has managed to stay on my lids :)

P.S. I have heard some reviews about the eyeliner pen drying out too quickly, I'm not sure how quickly it dries out as my pen is still quite wet.

Till next time!


  1. Cutest eyeliner ever!!
    I'd buy it just for the packaging but it sounds like a good product too :P

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  2. woah been waiting for this sailormoon eyeliner review since your last post!thank you ^^
    I'm about went to japan super soon ,i guess i'll buy this without hesitation after read this review, hopefully i'll get cheaper price hehe

  3. Yea! I originally bought it for the packaging not expecting much out of it. But surprisingly they work quite well!

  4. ahhhhhhhh that's pretty expensive but I think I'd keep it even when it dries out because the packaging makes it worth it!

  5. Yea, it's part of the reason I waited so long to cave in and buy it :( But so far it's been a pretty good eyeliner, plus the collectible factor haha!