Sunday, December 06, 2015

Spreepicky Haul!

Hey everyone!

So I'm back with a haul post from Spreepicky ! They have some super cute items on their website and I seriously couldn't resist.... I probably spent more than I should have but #noregrets.

The first item is this Card Captor Sakura Magic Circle Carpet

I was such a huge fan of CCS back when I was a kid... that this cute little carpet kind of brought out my interest in it again. It's soft and squishy like the memory foam bathroom mats you see in stores. It's 1m in diameter, and it fits nicely in my small walk-in closet :)

The next two items I purchased above I wanted to wear together, and I'm glad they worked out XD
  1. Sailor Chibi Moon Sweater/Jumper : I ordered this in XL as I didn't think the L would fit my chest's pretty baggy on me, but I think it works well with the suspender skirt :)
    It's really warm and soft, I was worried it'd be a cheap material but the sweater is nice and thick! Perfect for the freezing Canadian winters!
  2. Plus Size Cutie Strap Skirt: I also ordered this skirt in XL (unfortunately this skirt doesn't come in a non-plus version but they have a lot of other cute skirts!) The skirt is made of a nice, heavier material (no see through problems), it's not too loose nor too tight. The back is elasticized, and the straps can be adjusted to 2 lengths. The only downside is that it doesn't have a hook at the top where the zipper closes, so the zipper tends to unzip a little >_< I'm planning to sew on a hook some time in the future to avoid embarrassment. 
I also bought this Totoro Shawl Cape:

I haven't gotten to use it yet but it looks just as pictured and is really soft. It's a lot like a fleece blanket except you can just wear this around the house without worrying about it falling off your shoulders! There's a button you can snap closed near your wrists so you can have "sleeves".

Order Experience:
  • November 18, 2015: Order placed on Spreepicky.
  • November 19th: Received a shipping confirmation email, however since the rug is reservation only they asked if I'd be willing to wait until the product arrives so they can ship all the items together.
  • November 28: All items in stock; Received e-mail with a tracking # for DHL.
  • December 4: Received the package at my door :) With a customs tax of $21.99 CAD T_T
Overall the order process was really quick, and they gave me the option to ship all the in-stock items first or to ship altogether (I'm not home often so I figured scheduling for 1 package is easier than 2 separate ones). 

They reply to their e-mails quite quickly, and I'm surprised I didn't buy anything from them sooner!

They're also having a contest to win a $50 Gift Card until December 10 if any of you are interested.

What's something on your wishlist for Christmas??

**Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. 
All products were purchased by me :)
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