Monday, December 28, 2015

Too Faced Cosmetics - Le Grand Chateau & Chocolate Bon Bons Palette **picture heavy**

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Anyways, I thought I would share a brief overview of some of the Too Faced palettes I own.

 Le Grand Chateau - $72 CAD on Too Faced Website

I actually purchased my set from Sephora for $62 - however I believe it's sold out already. This kit comes with 3 different palettes, and a sample size of their Better than Sex Mascara . You can actually gift each of the palettes separately since they have "To and From" labels on the back.

The shadows that I found the most "neutral" are in the Mint Green Palette, with 3 matte shades, 3 shimmer shades and one blush shade.

To be honest I don't really use this palette much aside from the top 2 shades Pot Du Creme and Fifi, I'm not a huge fan of browns.

Next is the Pink Palette, featuring 1 matte shadow, 5 shimmer, and 1 bronzer. This is my favourite out of the 3 palettes in this set colour wise, however...I find the shimmer is...too frosty and not as much of a colour pay off as I had hoped.

Last in this kit is the Black Palette, 1 matte shade (Rendezvous), 4 very shimmery shades, one with small specs of glitter? (Noir), and a pink blush. I actually don't know what's up with Noir, it's somewhat matte, but the small specs of glitter throw me off.

I found that the Black Palette had the most colour payoff out of all the shadows in this set. But it felt "too much" for me. I know a lot of people who seem to love the shadows in this set, but I think none of these shadows really suit me too well. 

I'm a fan of shimmery eyeshadows, and 90% of the time it's what I wear, but the shadows in Le Grand Chateau just felt too frosty for shimmery shadows and not enough colour. 

Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection - $72 CAD on Too Faced Website

I actually purchased this palette at my local Sephora store, you can purchase it on the Sephora website for only $59 CAD! I have no idea why the Too Faced website lists these as $72 CAD...that's pretty expensive for a palette.

I can already tell you I prefer this palette over the Le Grand Chateau kit. The shadows are just more pigmented (not just over the top frosty shimmer), they blend much better, last longer, and smell divine (of course like chocolate!).

There's 4 matte shades (Almond Truffle, Bordeaux, Mocha, and Pecan Praline), 2 large highlight shadows (Satin Sheets and Divinity) and 10 shimmery/sparkly shadows. Don't let "Totally Fetch" fool you, my camera kept picking it up as much brighter than it really is in real life. It's not as bright as the photo makes it out to be!

Overall, I will stick to the Chocolate line from Too Faced. I've spoken to some of the sales associates at Sephora and majority of them also recommend the Chocolate line, the formulation is just a lot better. Aside from the pretty packaging of Le Grand Chateau, I pretty much regret purchasing it. I prefer the Chocolate Bon Bons way more! I haven't tried the mascara as I have way too many open right now.

Have any of you tried other palettes from Too Faced? 
I'm mostly an Urban Decay fan, but if you can't tell I'm in love with the Chocolate Bon Bons palette!

Till next time!


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