Sunday, January 17, 2016

E.O.S. Lipbalm Lawsuits

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A very different post today, as bloggers, especially those who are into beauty blogging you've all probably heard of E.O.S. lip balms.

They're the egg shaped lip balms that you can find at drugstores, and became super popular because of their fun colours and different flavours.

Well recently a lawsuit has been filed against them, the lip balm has been known to dry out lips and create rashes. I've tried EOS lip balms once ever,  my lips dried out so bad that it started bleeding, after that I never went near them again. After reading many news stories of people complaining I am not surprised about my experience.

But I really hope none of you will continue using E.O.S. lip balms if you face similar side effects.

Here is a video from a news channel:

E.O.S. isn't even stepping up to the plate to accept the fact their lip balms are not very good. I will continue to use my Fresh - Sugar Lip Balms, at least those are moisturizing and doesn't cause my lips to bleed! Lip balms are supposed to be moisturizing NOT DRYING!

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